Top 5 Hair Loss Myths

Hair loss is scary to think about, but the myths surrounding it are even scarier. It’s important to know what information is fact, and which are made up. You’ll realize that there are fewer ways to lose hair than you may think.

1. Tanning Causes Hair Loss

UV rays can’t cause your hair to fall out, but it’s commonly thought that the sun makes people go bald. Yet the sun can cause other effects on your hair. It can damage hair and turn it brittle, but that won’t happen unless you soak in the sun all day every day.  

2. Hats Make You Lose Hair

We all love hats, which is why this hair loss myth is terrifying. Don’t worry, your hat isn’t scaring your hair follicles into submission. The only way to lose hair from hats is by wearing them far too tight. Unless your hat is practically sealed around your head, you can keep rocking that cap.

3. Hair Loss Only Happens When You’re Old

I know, we wish this one was true, too. Unfortunately, hair loss and thinning can strike almost anyone as early as their teenage years. Your hair may thin over time if it’s in your genetics, but there’s plenty of solutions to combat this.

4. Bald Dudes Have More Testosterone

This hair loss myth implies that the manlier you are, the more hair you lose. As happy as that would make our bald friends, it simply isn’t true. Hairy men and hairless men have been shown to have similar levels of testosterone. So don’t worry, guys, you’re free to lift weights and chop down trees in peace.

5. Birth Control Pills Cause Hair Loss

This one’s complicated. There’s a tiny bit of truth to this, but nothing to lose sleep over. 

  • Birth control pills alone cannot cause hair loss.
  • There have been cases where women who are sensitive to hormonal fluctuations suffer from hair loss due to the way that the pill affects androgen levels.
  • Women who lose hair due to the pill don’t lose it permanently.

There are plenty of hair loss myths to comb through, but there are also plenty of ways to fix your hair woes. No matter your hair loss issue, Tampa Scalp Ink has an instant and pain free solution– scalp micropigmentation. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about this service from our experts.


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