The Latest Beauty Trends: Permanent Makeup

Anyone who has a regular beauty routine knows just how much time it can take out of your mornings. For those of us who have a particularly involved routine, it can suck as much as an hour away every day. But what if you could get that time back without sacrificing your look? If you could keep your makeup on comfortably, but without all the primp, prep, money and risk of clogged pores? Well, that’s exactly what thousands of people have done through the use of permanent makeup.

What is Permanent Makeup?

For those who aren’t familiar, permanent makeup is not some new, revolutionary cosmetic cream, blush, or lip gloss. Rather, it uses a subtle tattoo to safely and permanently apply a specific look to one’s face. If done correctly, this technique appears natural, just as if you are wearing real makeup.

Some applications for permanent makeup, according to Elle, include:

 -Microbladed Eyebrows: This process is similar to tattooing, but uses a long, thin blade instead of a needle. It creates a permanent eyebrow, mimicking what you’d do with an eyebrow pencil.

– Permanent Eyeliner: If you want that darker, fuller lash look, then permanent eyeliner is for you. This technique utilizes European acupuncture needles to push the color into your lid, similar to a tattoo. You’ll never have to hold your hand steady for eyeliner again!

– Lip Blushing: Using needles or microblading, it’s possible to push color right into your lips. This is often used for an undercolor, or to line your lips, so that you always have some base color, but you can still put on other shades as you wish.

These are some of the most popular, though by no means the only forms of permanent makeup on the market today. The cost for the procedures varies from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, and the recovery time for them tends to be pretty short. Most often those who undergo the procedure simply need to avoid applying makeup to the area, to avoid lots of sun exposure, and to rest and recuperate for a few days. After that, they’re usually good to go!

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