A Brief Guide to Scalp Micropigmentation Recovery

There are many treatments out there for the loss or thinning of our hair.  Some have opted for invasive or even painful treatments like hair transplants, over-the-counter medications or laser surgeries.  However, another treatment has proven to be effective at restoring the appearance of hair follicles.  This is scalp micropigmentation, which is a non-invasive hair loss treatment where follicles are replicated via medical-grade tattoo on the head to achieve the look of a fuller head of hair or shaved head.  We at Tampa Scalp Ink offer this non-surgical treatment to our Tampa Bay residents, which provides a quicker recovery time than any other hair treatment.  Here is how scalp micropigmentation recovery compares to those other treatments and what activities to avoid to recover faster.

Treatment is less expensive and has a quick recovery time 

While hair transplants are a common way to go for getting your hair back, it has been known to be quite expensive and painful.  The recovery time is also time-consuming.  But with scalp micropigmentation, you receive a treatment that is inexpensive and typically takes 6-8 weeks to heal.  While each customer’s skin responds differently to the length of time it takes to heal, scalp micropigmentation is your best choice for hair loss treatment at the fraction of the cost and recovery time of hair transplants and grafts.

Activities to avoid for proper scalp micropigmentation recovery

If you want to properly recover from this non-invasive treatment, there are a few activities you must avoid.  Some of those activities include:

  • Activities that could cause you to sweat such as playing sports.  Sweating could interfere with the healing process and damage your results.  Try to avoid activities that could produce light sweat like cleaning around the house. 
  • Avoid other activities that involve water such as swimming or washing your hair and scalp.  Your hair must remain dry for at least four days. 
  • Exposing your scalp to sunlight is another activity to avoid.  Within the first month after treatment, wear a hat and use a sunscreen of at least SPF 30.

The time it takes to see results

Scalp micropigmentation is the top quality pain-free treatment that provides you with almost instant results.  Most people who have used medication or hair transplant surgery have complained about it taking months before they see actual results.  Scalp micropigmentation has become the go-to treatment for people dealing with alopecia, balding, thinning and scalp scarring.  It gives you the illusion of fuller, thicker hair and disguises those scars.

So no matter the reason for your hair loss troubles, let the scalp micropigmentation specialists Tampa Scalp Ink be your answer.  We are committed to giving you your edge back.  For more information on scalp micropigmentation recovery and your own custom hair loss solution, please contact us today.


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