Are Invasive Hair Loss Treatments Outdated in 2020?


If you’re suffering from hair loss, there are many ways to solve it. Some methods are a little outdated in 2020, as the technology for getting your hair back has gotten much better over time. Some of these methods include hair transplants, over-the-counter foams and pills, and laser surgeries.  A procedure called scalp micropigmentation has been getting popular recently. Tampa Scalp Ink specializes in scalp micropigmentation and we are proud to serve the Tampa Bay region.  Let’s look a little further at these different hair loss treatment options.

Hair Loss Treatment Options

Here’s a list of the different hair treatment options and the pros and cons of each.

  • Follicle transplant– This procedure is invasive, as it takes hair from other parts of your body, and places them where there is prominent hair loss.  There is a longer recovery time, and can get quite expensive. 
  • Laser treatment– Laser treatment is showing some promise in treating hair loss. However, this method can be time consuming, with multiple sessions per week, and is expensive too.
  • Foams or pills– The FDA has approved drugs like minoxidil and finasteride to be used for hairless.  The main drawback is having to take these drugs apply a foam daily, which can be inconvenient.

The overall issue with these treatments is that they are costly, require surgery or daily use to be effective. 

Scalp Micropigmentation

This procedure treats hair loss by tattooing what looks like hair follicles right on your scalp. Here’s some benefits of scalp micropigmentation.

This option is proving to be ideal for anyone looking for a quicker, but effective solution.   It’s similar to getting a tattoo, so it’s much less invasive.   Affordability is important too, and most shops offer financing, so you can get your edge back.  


Technology to treat hair loss has come a long way, and non-invasive options might be a better option than surgery.  This newer method, scalp micropigmentation, is affordable, shows immediate results, and is pretty painless. If you have hair loss issues and need the best solution, then contact Tampa Scalp Ink to get the process started.


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sessions after are discounted at $599.