Barber or SMP Artist? Which is Better?

The United States alone has over 77,000 hair salons and barber shops that employ over 700,000 hairdressers, stylists and cosmetologists. By offering high-ticket cosmetic procedures to their menu of services, these experts of the hair industry can increase their potential in the industry.

A trending and profitable cosmetic procedure is scalp micropigmentation (SMP). SMP offers a solution to hair loss and thinning that looks great and is cost effective compared to other hair restoration services. Though this niche industry is thriving, SMP artists are in short supply. That’s why the professionals at Tampa Scalp Ink offer our training program, lead by in-house expert Bryan Abernathy, which teaches you the skills that can accelerate your progress and career within the hair industry.

Being a Barber:

For starters, becoming a barber takes more time than and SMP artist to break into the industry.  You’re looking at spending anywhere from a year to two years in school, depending on if you’re attending part or full time. And from there, it could very well take another year to build a decent clientele base, and really hone in on your skills.

As far as pay goes, there’s a chance you might not make as much as you’d like.  You’ll always have the ups and downs of business, and you’d likely be charging $30-$40 per cut.

What is the Outlook of the SMP Industry?

Like we said, this is a growing industry with much potential.  Barbers and tattoo artists have been getting their SMP certification in order to offer SMP to their existing customer base. This can be a great way for hairdressers and tattoo artists to gain a customer base quickly, and impact their bottom line.

But what if you aren’t in the hair or cosmetic industry and want to work towards a career of SMP?  Don’t fret, because there are ways to break into this potentially lucrative career! The formal education requirements are pretty basic, but you will need to receive your SMP certificate through a scalp micropigmentation training course.

Our artist, Bryan Abernathy, made a video where he talks about the differences between the two career paths.  Check it out below!

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You don’t have to live in Tampa, FL to benefit from our SMP training course. People travel from all around the nation to come train alongside Bryan.  But, if you can’t get to us, we can help make arrangements to come to you for an additional fee.

To get started in your scalp micropigmentation training, contact us today!


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