Downsides of Traditional Solutions for Hair Growth

Even before the age of 40, 40% of women lose most of their hair, and 50-60% of men go bald.  Unfortunately, at this age, most people are not ready to lose their beauty; that is, their hair.  Consequently, they seek any available hair loss solution to get their confidence back and regain some hair growth.  While there might be numerous credible and traditional hair loss treatments out there, they usually come with downsides or literal side effects.

A procedure that can be done with minimal downsides is scalp micropigmentation (SMP), which uses pigment and a “scalp tattoo” to give the perception of short, buzzed hair on your head.

Traditional vs. Scalp Micropigmentation

Some downsides that are usually experienced with traditional hair loss include the following:

  • High Prices:
    • Hair transplant surgeries can range between $8k-20k, which is almost triple the scalp micropigmentation cost.
    • Hair growth drugs, such as Minoxidil and Finasteride can be quite expensive over time as well.
  • Unappealing Side Effects
    • Most hair growth drugs and hair loss solutions come with adverse side effects such as:
      • Headaches
      • Hives
      • Inflammation
      • Skin Rashes
      • Dizziness and weakness
  • Longer Recovery Time
    • Most traditional solutions demand a long-term commitment, as they have a substantial recovery time.
    • Prescriptions:
      • Multi-doses per day
      • Side Effects
    • Hair Transplant Surgeries (FUT and FUE)
      • Takes time to completely heal (usually 7 days)
      • Hair growth does not begin again until a couple of months after procedure (SMP is noticeable after 1 appointment).
      • Many steps to take after the procedure (sleeping elevated/upright, applying ice, etc.)

A New Hair Loss Solution

Hair growth solutions have come a long way in years past.  But, the most modern procedure one can undergo is scalp micropigmentation.

SMP has grown in popularity for those suffering from hair thinning, alopecia, and pattern baldness. It’s non-invasive (no surgery), much less painful than other alternatives, has little side effects.

Scalp micropigmentation gives the realistic look of hair, without going through the troubles of traditional solutions. If you’re looking to remedy your hair thinning, or you’ve lost some confidence due to hair loss, contact Tampa Scalp Ink for a free consultation today!


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