Getting Trained As A Scalp Micropigmentation Professional

Getting Trained As A Scalp Micropigmentation Professional

Getting Trained As A Scalp Micropigmentation Professional

Tight on a budget and want to make some extra cash? Look no further. Lear more about getting trained as a scalp micropigmentation professional.

Tampa Scalp Ink offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get the best Scalp Micropigmentation training by our highly skilled professionals known for teaching Florida’s best SM practitioners.

Is Scalp Micropigmentation training right for me?

Statistically, over 80 million American citizens suffer from hair loss. Some solutions for this problem have been ineffective and costly. One exception is scalp micropigmentation, a proven, affordable and effective method. With many positive reviews from past clients, SM has become a lucrative business to venture into.

Since it is a rapidly rising treatment, knowing how to do Scalp micropigmentation will put you ahead of the game and make you extra money.  With just one client per week, you will make a whopping $2000-3000. Our training cost ranges from $3500-$4500. Just imagine the returns you will get in only 1 year.



15 Reasons Why You Should Train With Tampa Scalp Ink

  • ·         We train with live models.
  • ·         We use the latest and most advanced methods. 
  • ·         We offer one on one training.
  • ·         Opportunity to make more money.
  • ·         Be taught by skilled professionals.
  • ·         Train with high-quality equipment worth $1000+.
  • ·         Learn marketing techniques for your business growth.
  • ·         We have trained Florida’s best SMPs.
  • ·         Our training is approved by insurance.
  • ·         Receive an advanced SMP certificate.
  • ·         We offer training financing.
  • ·         We’ll help you get your tattoo license.
  • ·         We offer a reference manual.
  • ·         We’ve received 5-star reviews from previous clients.
  • ·         You will still have your instructor for follow-up after the training.


Still in doubt?

Many SMP companies are now offering the training, but most of them lack the professional expertise and equipment to give the best learning experience. At Tampa Scalp Ink, we train with the best SMP equipment you will ever find in the market. We’ll give you a Sol Nova Unlimited Tattoo Machine (made in Germany) and the highest quality FYT SMP needles to get you started. This equipment package is worth more than $1000, giving you value for your money. 

All our trainers are highly skilled and provide professional training to each student. They have coached the best SMPs in Florida. The trainers offer personalized coaching, thereby giving you full attention and focus. Our practical classes will allow you to test all you’ve learned theoretically on live models. This will prepare you for the real-life professional experience you will have with future clients.

We are also proud to admit to having 5-star ratings and positive reviews from our former students. This would not be the case if we weren’t the best in the game. When you train with us, you are assured of quality and competency.

Can’t come to us? Contact us, and we will come to you.

Our Training Costs

Tampa Scalp Ink offers Scalp Micropigmentation in 2 packages:

1st Package: Train for 3 Days with our SMP Equipment

Total cost: $4,499. You will receive in-person training and use all the necessary equipment.

2nd Package: Only train for 3 Days.

Total cost $3,499. You will receive personalized training without the equipment.

Note: For you to do your own Scalp Micropigmentation, the state mandates you to have a tattoo license.

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